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In America a constant hot topic on the tongues of students and parents about the Education System is the school dress codes. A student dress code law was first enforced and passed by the United States Supreme Court System in 1969 as a result of the Tinker V.S. Des Moines case when high school students were wearing black bands on their arms to protest the Vietnam War. Dress codes are put into place in order to promote a safe and a "distraction free" learning environment for all the students. Although with the good intentions in place, dress codes have taken a turn in making young ladies feel oppressed because their dress code is a lot stricter than the male dress code.

Dress codes in America have brought many unfortunate school days
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Dress codes are put into place to promote the safety of the students. An article published by compiled a list of benefits to a dress code. Some of the benefits included are helping the student dress appropriate to protect the student wearing the clothing and the fellow students. Dress codes give students a feeling of safety and comfort when they see their students wearing similar, if not the same, attire as their fellow classmates and would not feel like a target of bullying if they cannot afford the same brands as their peers if there was a more lenient or no dress code at all. One of my fellow classmate, Rodney Louima, brought light to this topic by telling me, " Dress code is good because it doesn't make a person feel bad that they don't have all the "hot brands" because we all basically look the same no matter what the brand. Collard shirt, jeans etc." Treasure Coast High School student gave me her insight as too what benefits enforcing a dress code brings to a students life, education and future. Kayla Serrato, 10th Grader, told me, "I think dress code is good because it represents students as professional and mature. And It makes us look like we want to go to school to receive an education a become…show more content…
Some of the requirements for the TCHS dress code is that it is mandatory that all students wear a collared shirt with short sleeves and it can have any design or embellishment the student desires. It is not a required to wear a belt, which is a popular requirement for most dress codes. Some of the restricted items of attire which are banned and will result in a detention is that students are not to be seen wearing any sharp or spiky jewelry or clothing. Also, boys must not wear their pants in a sagging fashion. Last year as I was leaving the cafeteria to get to class my peer, who wishes to stay anonymous, got pulled over by an administrator because she was violating the dress code. She was a wearing a crew neck t shirt with a flannel which had a collar. She told me, "The school should focus more on my education instead of prosecuting me for wearing a collared shirt that revealed nothing. When other people walk around with worse infractions to the dress code and get away with it. I just want to live my life." In retrospect, dress code has been in place since 1969 to avoid any political infractions between students and it has slowly evolved into making people feel oppressed by how strict the rules are for girls vs boys. Although, putting the negative aside, dress code is here to protect the student from being bullied because of what he/she has available to
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