Student Engagement Research Paper

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If you were to walk into a classroom today, you might see things going on in the same way you did when you were in school. Students sitting in their desks, working on a worksheet or from a book, learning in the same ways generations before. These students might be learning, but they are not fully engaged in their learning. They are not learning how to solve problems or what to do when the numbers or words change on the page to something totally different. Engaging these students to use more of their intelligence can help them become better students, have more fun learning and in turn become lifelong learners. You might ask, how can this be done so that students can become more engaged, technology. Being a classroom teacher for the past 5 years,…show more content…
The first reason listed by Jillian Mourning in her article is just that. Students are actively engaged in what they are doing when they are manipulating the technology to the desires of their teacher. A well designed lesson around the use of technology can use its inquisitive nature to help push student participation. Active engagement is what allows students to have their natural desires to know or learn something come from themselves. This internal drive will create lifelong learners and will lead to more engaging lessons in the future. As humans, we are always intrigued in the newest things. Technology in the classroom uses this natural desire. When you place an iPad in front of a student and show them how to complete an assignment on it, the student will be naturally be interested in completing what they are doing because it is new. This allows a teacher that is willing to use some new approach to keep student engagement high because of the new and different ways they are challenging the student. Keeping students engaged in a classroom learning with technology is a great tool for education and educators to help make learning more fun for students. If you make learning more fun for students, then they will take a greater investment in it and might be able to take the learning into their own hands, which should be the greatest goal in
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