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Student Ethics In The Digital Age-Rough Draft Research Paper:
Cheating among students in high school in the United States is seen as an academic dishonesty. Students still have reasons for cheating, the excuses can vary from, “The pressure for good grades is high” to “They’re doing it so why cannot I?.” With the pressure to achieve good grades and GPAs, it is easy to lose sight of what school is actually about: learning. Now even smart students are trying to cheat their way through high school. Students feel it is necessary to cheat to make their parents proud, insure an easy A, or to look good on a college application because the pressure of competition is high, which affects their learning habits.
Students that lack understanding and comprehension are often tempted by the shortcuts of cheating in the classroom.Tommy Raskin in his article “Cheating Students How Our Schools Fail the Humanistic Vision of Education” state “Students are pushed into constant moods of discontent and reckless behavior because school restricts them to an insular environment for the greater portion of their week”(25). Instead of bemoaning students of learning, teachers should build an authentic and empowering way
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If students cannot handle high school work, they will not be fully ready for the college life. In the movie “The Dead Poets Society” directed by Peter Weir, the new English teacher, John Keating, breaks the traditions and high standards the all-boys school is known for and teaches his students using his own methods. Keating states “I stand upon my desk to remind myself the we must constantly look at things in a different way”( Dead Poets Society). Mr.Keating understands the pressure the parents and school put on the students so he reaches out in his own way to let students know they still have their imagination. Keating strives to show the importance of finding their own voice and to follow their

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