Student Ethics On Cheating In High School

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Student Ethics On Cheating
High School and Colleges all around the United States have seen a dramatic increase of cheating and dishonesty from the students. The reasoning behind the recent outburst of dishonesty in the classroom are still unclear, but with recent research on this activity, many people have pointed fingers to these three things: relieving stress, easier, or even just pure laziness. Many students even have the audacity to use the internet as a free source of plagiarism. Wei Gu tries to explain the reason of cheating in academic lifestyles in the article “Cheating in School: What We Know and What We Can Do” by illustrating the main causes she believes are the in school environments. She goes on to say “[Student] cheat to get a better grade, of course!” (Gu 2). It is such a simple answer for the subject, but it’s incredibly hard for some teachers to wrap their heads around. For so many students, a grade is worth more than their lives and its shown in the amount of students who cheat in order to receive a better grade; even with them knowing at full extent that it is wrong. Mr. Steven Tolman from Georgia Southern University also wrote an article on the increasing amounts of cheating in High Schools and Colleges called “Academic Dishonesty in Online Courses: Considerations for Graduate Preparatory Programs in Higher Education”. He believes that the reason of recent spikes in the research of academic cheating is due to the online classes and the effects they
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