Student Cheating Essay

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Student Ethics On Cheating
High School and Colleges all around the United States have seen a dramatic increase of cheating and dishonesty from the students. The reasoning behind the recent outburst of dishonesty in the classroom are still unclear, but with recent research on this activity, many people have pointed fingers to these three things: relieving stress, easier, or even just pure laziness. Many students even have the audacity to use the internet as a free source of plagiarism. Wei Gu tries to explain the reason of cheating in academic lifestyles in the article “Cheating in School: What We Know and What We Can Do” by illustrating the main causes she believes are the in school environments. She goes on to say “[Student] cheat to get
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Miss. Morris continues to say “The University encourages all faculty members to promote integrity in the classroom and beyond by placing information about academic honesty on the syllabus, by discussing expectations for performance, and by monitoring behavior”. With Morris’s analyzation of the ways to stop cheating in facilities designed to strengthen the young mind, it could prevent cheating to those who are desired to do…show more content…
Many have created systems to stop or slow the effects of cheating such as described with David and Steven’s ideas about getting systems to detect plagiarism and get more teachers involved in stopping the aggressive rise to technology cheating. This is only certain ways you can stop cheating and plagiarism in the classroom. Ms. Gu and Cary Moskovitz show that if you allow the students to understand that a better grade is not what everyone needs but they need to understand on the knowledge gained from studying and learning the assignment themselves and not by from someone else and their work. Schools could stop the rise of cheating and academic dishonesty with more effort being forced into the teachers and school advisers about
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