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Developing the best fitting model for Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (SET) with students of higher education in India: An SEM approach


Student evaluations of teaching effectiveness or course evaluations (SETs) are used for measuring performance of teachers by asking their students to rate them(Shevlin et . al., 2000). SET is being used as an indicator of teaching quality at most universities and colleges throughout the world, due to which there has been considerable amount of research on the structure of the instrument involving the validity, reliability and dimensionality of the construct and its role and use in the classroom (Marsh, 1987). However, despite the extensive amount of research undertaken
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In many universities, student ratings are used as one (sometimes the only and often the most influential) measure of teaching effectiveness (Kwan, 1999).

Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness (SET)
Student ratings of instruction are routinely used in most colleges and universities across the world as part of their evaluation of teaching effectiveness (Seldin, 1985; Abrami, 1989; Wagenaar, 1995; Abrami et al., 2001; Hobson & Talbot, 2001). Student evaluation of teaching (SET) is widely used in universities in UK and USA wherein it’s also used to effect potential changes in course material and method of delivery. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) have included it in their documentation regarding subject review practices, (QAA, 1997) and in the USA, SET influences faculty decisions such as about conditions of employment, salary and promotion. Research on student evaluations of teaching effectiveness have been focused on issues of development and validity of an evaluation instrument (Marsh, 1987), the validity (Cohen, 1981) and reliability (Feldman, 1977) of student ratings in measuring teaching effectiveness and the potential bias of student ratings (Hofman & Kremer, 1980; Abrami & Mizener, 1983; Tollefson et al.,
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It would also be useful to replicate the study with other programs i.e engineering, medical and other courses in management ie Finance, Human Resources management so that the results can be generalized.
Academic administrators need to design SET as a multi dimensional scale consisting of attributes which measure student perceptions on lecturer/teacher attributes and module attributes. Since students are not trained in rating or psychometrics, (d’Apollonia & Abrami, 1997), and they rate specific features of teaching which are based on or which are influenced by their global evaluation of teachers charisma, SETs must be interpreted carefully while using them as a diagnostic tool for giving feedback to teachers to improve their teaching or for evaluating their performance.
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