Student Learning Strategies

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1.a. Identify one instructional strategy or student activity from the outline of plans that could be challenging for the student, considering the description of the student’s learning disability. One student activity that will be challenging for Julie is to listen to the excerpts, participate in class, and then create a chart listing defining characteristics of life during the pre-Revolutionary War times. Since Julie has diagnosed with ADHD, she cannot concentrate on the listening of the excerpt. Also, she has difficulty to fit in the groups and get along with other students.
1.b. Explain why the strategy or activity you chose could be challenging for the student, based on specific aspects of the student description. This activity will be
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Describe how you would adapt the strategy or activity you identified to meet the needs of the student. To meet Julie 's learning needs, I will adapt the activities to engage her class participation in different ways, and simplify the lesson to fit her learning demands. I will give Julie a copy of reading material, so she can trace the text and follow my reading tempo when I am reading the text to the rest of the class. Because she is able to read text independently at grade level, she can also read the text by herself if she needs to review or revisit the content. Allowing Julie to read along helps improve her comprehension and brings an emphasis on her strength in learning. This encourages her motivation to stay in a listening activity. She can also take notes on her copy of the reading material, and taking note can help her stay engaged and follow along. In order to compare students ' lives with the life of child who lives in the Revolutionary War Time, Julie can create a Venn diagram to find out the similarity and difference of the their life experience. In order to involve Julie in positive group work and cooperation, I will have a personal conversation with Julie to set up clear behavior expectations about how to work in groups appropriately. Teaching Julie how to behave herself in class can also be beneficial for her to learn how to get along with others. I will also assign a group job to Julie because having a job in groups can emphasize her awareness of
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