Student Motivation Essay

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Most students don’t enjoy studying or isn’t interested in any source of learning such as; books that is a symbol of enhancing knowledge and learning. Students most of the time are willing to stay on the safe side of getting the minimum grade to pass successfully. Efforts by students are limited to what is provided by the school or teachers as a strong tool to enhance their progress. Motivation is one of the dominant reason that encourage people to be constantly interested to put effort in a specific given task to attain a goal successfully. As the article, Educational Administration and Supervision says motivation has been explicated as the level of exploiting an individual is willing to disburse toward the attainment of a certain ambition (Brennen, 1989, 1998). Also, Motivation briefly is incentive and encouragement for people to work and perform effectively. In addition, Motivation is the internal and external factors that stimulate people to take actions that lead to achieving a goal. Therefore, I believe that motivating students boosts their performance in school because it will enhance student’s self confidence in their abilities and will help to meet student’s hierarchy of needs. Firstly, motivation will aid to reach a high level of confidence the student will feel towards themselves. Most students these days are lacking confidence towards their abilities and endowments this can result due to their families, teachers and their friend’s way of communicating to them.
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