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Student Engagement A good teacher should know how to engage students in learning activities and be able to respond to diverse students needs in the classroom. The classroom observations I have seen these past week has shown me examples of good teachers. In all the classes I observed the students sat quietly and were always ready to raise their hands and answer questions. In my kindergarten class all the students were really into their assignments and wanted approval of their work from their teacher. A good way I saw a teacher trying to keep her students engaged was giving them a time limit for how long they had to do the assignment before they had to present their results or move on to the next activity. I observed a kindergarten class and they are always changing activities to keep the students involved and entertained. I observed two classes that sang songs about the day, month, and year at the beginning of class. One of the classes I observed even used sign language as they sang the songs. One activity I had never seen before was punching to see if words rhymed. Students try to rhyme a word that the teacher said and the whole class would “punch” the words. Another great activity that could be used in any grade level is a activity called Q.T. quizzes. All the students put their heads down so they can 't see any other students and they answer the question with their thumbs being up or down. This is a way for the teacher to evaluate what their students actually learned

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