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A. Background of Study Nowadays, student part-time job becomes a popular phenomenon among students in universities. In fact, a study by Vickers et al in 2003 showed that those number about learners that are bringing up low maintenance particular occupation positions is on the expand.Some of the benefits students derive from having part-time jobs include financial, acquisition of administrative and leadership skills. Nevertheless, there are risks associated with combining work and study. There are some risks of it includes distractions from studies leading to decreased academic performance, high possibility of vanished of classes and dropping out. These risks were emphatically connected with understudies who spent extended periods at work to…show more content…
Previous studies usually focused on three main issues: (1) demand and reason of student part-time employment; (2) status of student part-time employment; (3) effects of part-time employment on students, especially on learning results. There are some journals and thesis relate to this study. The first study of the journal was done by Robotham, d. In 2013 title, students’ perspectives on term-time employment: an exploratory qualitative study. The writer explains about this study seeks to address that weakness in the existing literature through the use of qualitative data to provide a clearer understanding of students’ views and experiences of part-time employment. The next title is “Carney, c., Mcneish, s., & Mccoll, j. (2005). “the impact of part-time employment on students' health and academic performance: a Scottish perspective”. It is the content of how to examine the relationship between part-time working, mental and physical health and academic performance. The previous research is by" ha, c. N., Thao, n. T., & son, t. D., entitled " ha, c. N., Thao, n. T., & son, t. D. Student part-time employment: case study at ton Duc thang university in Vietnam". In this research, demand and status of part-time employment, as well as the effect of part-time employment on students' learning results, will be clarified. The book Vickers, m., lamb, s., & Hinkley, j. (2003). Student workers in high school and beyond: the effects of part-time employment on participation in education, training, and work. Acer customer service, private bag 55, Camberwell, Victoria 3124 Australia. This report examines the effects of part-time student employment on participation and attrition in secondary school and in tertiary study, and on the post-school activities of young people. Thus the differences between the study previously, this research only focus on the part-time job in teaching and the influence of it in a

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