Student Performance Essay

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The problem of our study is we need to know the hindrances or the difficulties of selected High School students from South Hill School, Inc. Specifically, the reasons behind their bad performances (particularly in various school activities like Performance Tasks, Quizzes, and Written Outputs). We are motivated to conduct this study so that the Faculty and Staff will know their faults (if any) and also the sides of different types of students from different year levels. One of the objectives of our Research study is we’ll get to know their sides or reasons behind their performances. The scope and limitations of our work will only be limited to the selected High School students from Junior High School of South Hill School, Inc. The results of…show more content…
For example, a learning disability is student-centered and may create an obstacle to reaching certain academic standards. Motivation also can play a factor in poor performance. A student may be fully capable of earning high grades but might simply not care enough about education to exert the effort. Issues of motivation could be placed upon the parents or even the school, but sometimes a child simply does not enjoy learning.” (Christopher Cascio – Factors of Student Performance Article)

“An action research was conducted by me to improve the academic performance of the Health sciences students using six sigma DMAIC Model. In that, to explore the outcome (academic performance), the four critical components contributing to the outcome were considered. These include (i) Understanding of the subject matter by the students, (ii) Teaching methodology adopted; (iii) Evaluation methods adopted in the College and; (iv) regularity of the students to the Class. Further, an interactive questionnaire was prepared, in order to discover the hidden perception of the students about the ‘shortcomings’, so that the learning environment of the students and the college will be congenial for mutual growth. The non-conformance levels among the response from the students were corresponding to the Existing training system adopted in the College. While the other categories such as ‘time allocation for completing the course instructions’, ‘exposure to advanced course work’, ‘Quality of lecture’ , ‘Semester & lesson planning system’ and ‘revision / recapitalization methods’ were also indicated by the students as ‘inadequate’ and needs improvement.” (Arun Vijay As
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