Mathematics Situation Analysis Essay

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Situation Analysis
Mathematics educators all over the world continuously struggle towards upgrading the quality of mathematics learning, with emphasis being placed on elevating learners’ positive attitude towards the subject. School administrators continuously exert great effort in searching for and utilizing better methods, strategies, techniques and instructional materials to propel better students’ performance in mathematics in particular and better school performance in mathematics in general. This significant move of schools to effect better instruction to students in order to enhance their mathematics performance is dependent on mathematics teachers who are the purveyors of basic knowledge and skills in the subject.
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The main agenda of the school is to give good, if not the best education to its students. Education is the primary instrument of transformation towards sustainable development, which increases people’s capacity to transform their vision into reality. Laurie, (2016) pointed out that education for sustainable development helps prepare students for a sustainable future by ensuring that they are environmentally responsible, globally aware, economically astute, socially responsible, and technologically proficient citizens who are capable of coping with the emerging challenges and opportunities we are facing…show more content…
Certain studies and researches on students’ performance in mathematics proved that students are declining in terms of their performance in the subject. According to Rodriguez (2007) as mentioned by Jamil, Mastura and Imam (2013) the performance of Filipino students in the 2003 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) in which the Filipino second year high school students ranked 41st in math out of 46 participants, stuck at the bottom while struggling at a passing level locally. Students’ performance in the National Achievement Test (NAT) was even more discouraging. According to Kiwanuka (2015) many factors are connected with mathematics achievement: society, families, schools, teachers, peers and individual abilities. In order to attain the national goals related to scientific literacy, it is necessary to determine what factors influence achievement of students in mathematics. In short, there is a need to analyze all related research, make appropriate policies and develop effective educational methods to improve science and mathematics education. In order to promote greater student achievement and meet increased expectations, Mathematics teacher will need a battery of instructional materials to fulfil students’ needs. Students will more likely see the value of the lesson if the instructional materials and student-assigned tasks reflect the worth of the
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