Student Personality Study

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Student personalities & impact of extrinsic factors to improve their academics and employability

Vishal Srivastava , Anshita Tyagi

Study of Tata Institute of Social Sciences and independent study of UGC have identified that employability of higher education students is a big concern. As per this study only 20% to 30% students of higher professional studies are employable for prescribed jobs. It reflects that the system and student material are not compatible to achieve the desired outcome. Present practices are focused over improving the education system and quality for betterment of students’ employability. The higher professional education became very challenging now a day 's therefore monitoring of students’ performance and
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Derrick Meador
There are many combinations of two, especially in the area of personality. Here we examine several of the more common personality traits that you are likely to see in just about any classroom.
1. To establish the relation in between classroom discipline and academic performance specifically for identify students’ personalities.
2. To find out the distribution of academic performance over various in classroom discipline behavior.
3. To study the impact of extrinsic factors for transition of various students personalities.

1. Academic performance of student is independent to his/her classroom discipline behavior.
2. Academic performance and classroom discipline behavior is significantly associated with employability.
3. Extrinsic factors have significant impact over students’
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The researcher selected the youth of pursuing MBA from UPTU, Uttar Pradesh as the targeted population. For the study 101 sample units are selected randomly from various colleges of Ghaziabad district. Secondary data were collected from students’ college records, whereas primary data were collected by questionnaire and interview method. Various college records were used as sample frame. The questionnaire used contains psychometric questions to measure the attributes of various personalities. For the data analysis descriptive as well as inferential statistical tools-Chi square, correlation and others were used.

Nine Cell Matrixes of Student Personalities:
On the basis of the study over 101 students of UPTU, researcher classified the students into three classes-on the basis of academic performance, and on the basis of classroom attendance. It was found that one can easily segment these students on this matrix and these cells are significantly different from each other.

Methodology for classification of Students
The researcher used two dimensions to classifying the student personalities. The dimensions are- Academic Performances & Classroom

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