Essay On Plagiarism In Schools

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Student plagiarism in the past decade has been deteriorating academic integrity in students worldwide. This epidemic of academic dishonesty has been growing and created bad habits for many of us that use this negative form of doing work. Many factors play a role into student plagiarism in classrooms, its just how these changes can be made to create positive outcomes.
Students in schools use plagiarism for a source of reliability to help out when they have nothing to create a backup for them. Teh Eng Choo and Megan Paull states, “Thus their first encounter with the notion of plagiarism is when teaching staff expound the possible consequences of failing to acknowledge all sources and what reference format to follow.” Both of the educators state their facts by explaining why these students commit academic dishonesty due by them not knowing the material in the class. The benefit of the doubt for students last call is to use the one thing that determines their character as a student. Choo and Paull agree that plagiarism needs to be erased permanently but they need a way to create a change for society.
Many Teenagers believe that the effort they put in for their classes is not going to do much for them graduating. Frank J. Cavico states, “Some students cheat because they do not think that they have the
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Lisa Z Bain states, “Faculty can prevent e-cheating by using low-tech pedagogical techniques like banning electronic devices during exams and designing assignments that promote academic integrity.” Bain gives advice to the educators and explains since this is growing that they should build a ban or program to stop plagiarism. Bans should be effected to take place in the classrooms and show the students you need to learn the circuciulum. New changes should be made to let students build off of positive mindsets and not negative
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