Student Recess Research Paper

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Looking back, I remember one time in fourth grade when the teachers made me stay inside from recess because I did not finish my assignment. I was so disappointed and jumpy all day. Sadly, schools today are so worried about being the best and getting the best possible test scores on standardized tests that they overlook their students’ needs and desires, like having recess time. Although this may seem like a good idea, the students are not benefitting because their attention spans only last so long until they are no longer able to absorb any more information. For this reason, kids of all ages should have recess whether they like it or not because it is a great way to improve social skills, physical fitness, academic performance, and reduce…show more content…
During the school day, students sit in a classroom with many of the same students all day long. Therefore, there are few opportunities to make new friends or talk to the friends you have made in the past. Students need some time to gossip about the newest trends and spend time with their friends. There are so many important qualities that children learn while playing with others at recess. The article stated, “Through play at recess, children learn valuable communication skills, including negotiation, cooperation, sharing, and problem solving” (Ramsetter, Murray, Garner). Traits like that can not be taught in the classroom or at home. In order to learn these skills, kids need to participate in activities and experience problems for themselves. Some of the most important lessons and skills kids learn at school are not formally taught; they are learned through hands on…show more content…
Recess is the one time at school that children have the opportunity to play a game simply for the joy of it (Ramsetter, Murray, Garner). Some would argue that physical education class is the time for students to have fun, but there are numerous students who hate physical education class. It is an instructed course, where students have to participate in the activities that the teacher plans for that day. Students are often forced to run or play games they don’t like. The text said, “Recess unlike physical education represents one of the few unstructured experiences of schooling. It affords children the opportunity to “play”, use their outside voices, run and chase” (Bossenmeyer). Students are free to choose whatever activity they want. Everyone should have a chance to play a game they enjoy for a short period every day. Additionally, if you have passion for a game, your effort level will increase naturally, which only adds to the fun. For most children, recess is the one class that they look forward to attending every
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