Student Sentence Outline Analysis

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supported with proof in the form of facts and examples. I used this method with my sons starting in 6th grade. It took a few examples before they understood the concept, but once they understood it they could write about any subject. In an outline the student can decide on the method of presentation and order of importance, assists the student in judging if they have enough proof to back up their inference. If the child comes up with only one proof detail under a specific category, perhaps that category needs to be revised. I though my sons to write an outline using "sentence outline" and as soon as they understood it, we switched to the topic outline. They are both acceptable. The topic outline consists of one word or more to express the key idea that will be developed later on the body of the composition. The sentence outline is when the student uses full sentences to formulate and organize ideas.…show more content…
This curriculum teaches middle school students about government and active citizenship. The textbook encompass critical-thinking exercises, enhances students understanding of the American constitutional democracy, and understanding of constitutional principles. This is a program that engages students in open discussions and it covers the constitution principles. Students acquire the knowledge they need to become respectable citizens. It also expose them to how the ideas were viewed in the past and how it compares to the present. All the topics on this book can be used to teach students to analyze and use critical thinking skills. They also learn the cause and effect relationship of why events happen. This book provides a number of questions at the end of each lesson and can be used for discussions. They were expected to analyze the historical events and take a position on the topic presented. I would ask them to present their position and encourage discussion on the

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