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Should Kepler Students Take Notes by Hand?
Most of universities which use blended learning system, students always take note using their computer. However the research shows that taking note by hand is more effective because it increases students ability to maintain information longer (Meyer), it improves writing and reading skills (Chemin), and also it expands student’s ability to generate more ideas (Konnikova). Hence, for Kepler to produce competitive students in job market, instructors should encourage students to take note by hand instead of computer.
Why should Kepler students take note by hand? Well, according to the research made by Mueller a graduate student in psychology department at Princeton. Shows that it is easy for any student to answer remembering realities questions; however students who take note by hand perform best on conceptual questions than others who don’t. You may wonder why? The main reason that those students perform well is because when they are taking note their process information in their mind (Meyer). Which increase their ability to have a good long-term comprehension. This means that students will be at their best in summative assessments as well as in workplace. As they will no longer be require to go back to their notes. Hence, Kepler students will be more competitive and accountable in
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Remembering information longer, improving reading and writing skills and creating more thoughts are the main reason why Kepler student should note by hand. If Kepler wants its students to be special and different, it have to train them in different ways like training them to be genius, critical thinker, and also to be professional. Encouraging them to take note by hand is the best way of making them genius and critical thinker. This is important than being professional without any content in mind. Therefore, I can advise instructors to encourage students to take notes by
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