Brock University Graduation Speech Analysis

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Greetings President Lightstone, Deans, Faculty, and to all the beautiful faces seated before me. Thank you for this nerve-racking, headache inducing, gut-wrenching opportunity to speak to the graduating class of 2015. In spite of the aforementioned pains, I’m compelled to deliver this speech with utmost confidence and such conviction, so that my message could be of great benefit or have most of you here at a complete loss. I shall gain most of your attention just by standing here and admitting that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. Nevertheless, it is with great hope that my message is understood, that there will be a laugh or two and maybe even tears.
Your college days; the days your parents saved for or the odd hours you worked to pay for classes, the days you dreaded or got excited over. Seems like yesterday you were signing up for clubs and attending freshman social and now it’s gone. You needed to stop wearing sweatpants everywhere and rolling out of bed at noon. You had to start taking care of your body, the assignments you were neglecting and friendships /relationships that you were avoiding dealing with. You soon realized that you didn’t have your mom to clean up your messes or your best friend living down the road to help forget reality.
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You are about to receive what would be considered the quintessential ‘golden ticket’ for some. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all of you. Some of you already hate the idea of what is to come: debt, unemployment, and even going back to school. Without a moment’s notice, this went from a hope-filled speech to you questioning yourself, ‘Jeez, did I make the right choices?’ And I’m here to say - question it. Question it all. For the moment you decide not to question something, regardless of the intent, you miss out on knowing more and discovering more, when in this life we should always strive for
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