Student Strategies In Time Management

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Time management? It is something that itself can’t be managed and it is invariable. Time always leads forward and never going back. When student practice good time management, student productivity will increase. Consequently, when student managing their time, they are not postulating to control time. They’re attempting to form the trump use of their time. Time management is routine of taking conscious manipulate over the quantity of time fatigued on particular actions and act of taking mindful command over the sum of time exhausted on particular activities. Student time is structured for them by classes, jobs and after-school activities, so the role of structure in time managing usually doesn’t become a issue until university. Before the closing…show more content…
One of the strategies is (Strategies, n.d.) noted that student must keep off from hold over their assignment or work that had to be done. Student must done their work on time not postpone it. After that, student must know how to plan a schedule to manage their time management to be more effective is the most significant strategies (Blerkom, Solomon, & Tylor, 2012). Third, make sure that all students have state their imagination or vision at all of their subject, so that student will be more serious in their study (Nellen, 2000). The last strategy is (Ward, n.d.) mentioned that student must make sure that their body get enough rest to do the best in their study and do not let their mind overload with useless…show more content…
By set their dream goal, student will be more tolerated, more disciplined and more motivated in their life. Student will be more disciplined and successful to get what they want. This is because achieve a goal is important for student. Student will struggle to complete their work with the bad ways because they don’t target a goal. They will make plagiarism. Everyone know that plagiarism in stealing someone ideas by copy and paste simply to complete their work or assignment (Nellen, 2000). It will be next to impossible for student to manage their time if they don’t have goals.

(Ward, n.d.) mentioned that make sure student have a good routine in order to overcome overload. For example, they should have the time for rest, sleep, eating, relaxation and socializing based on student life. While studying, they should take a short break to relaxation their brain and to revive their brain. Student are not recommended to force their brain to study. It will gives bad effect such as stress and will less communicate with other people. Do not put everything off until the last minute. Lastly, student must find out how to decline unneeded matter and negotiate better deadline when
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