Student Strengths

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• In 225 to 250 words, please describe you as student. Be specific about what your strengths and weaknesses are. You may write your answer here or type or write it on a separate sheet of paper.
I would describe myself as a hard-working, intelligent, and neat student. Although I seem to have great strengths, I have some weaknesses of being a student. I procrastinate a lot, but I also work on task. I know it’s confusing but it’s 50/50 because sometimes I’m so tired and sometimes I’m up and energized. I’m also a very shy student that I would not raise my hand or share anything in class. Along with being shy and procrastinating, I’m very fearful about many things in class, I’m always scared that my answers are wrong or that I might get in trouble. Aside from that, I’m very friendly and patient with everyone.
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You may write your answer here or type it on a separate sheet of paper.
Honestly I would be a positive addition to the journalism staff because I am confident in my work and interests. I’m very confident in research and electronic production because I’ve always been using electronics since I was three years old and so I know how to use computers. I’m also in computers but I am still learning how to use scratch, coding, typing, etc. Being in the journalism staff would honestly help me be more confident in myself too. I believe it will help me make more friends and get along with everyone. I know that journalism would improve my skills such as writing, communicating, etc. I’m determined to do the work the journalism staff will be doing. I’ll try my best to get through the challenges. I’ll always make the newspaper a priority even after school, during holidays, on the weekends, and even on breaks like winter break. I’ll try my best to meet more people and even interview them. I will make sure my work is accurate. I’m going to do my best at all times.
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