Reflective Essay On Student Teaching

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Student teaching is something that I have been waiting to do for a long time. I am so happy and excited to be in a classroom where I can be with children everyday. I love seeing the excitement on some of their faces when I am doing a read aloud, seeing them happy makes me happy. Which may sound cliche, but I love seeing their expressions.
Getting to know all the students has been quite difficult for me because I feel like there isn’t enough time in a day where you can sit down and talk with each student. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly telling the students to be quiet, or making sure that they are staying on topic with their responses. That is something that has surprised me, because I feel like a lot of my time with them has been focused on the subject at hand. This is excluding time when I am working with students one-on-one. However, I have just started eating lunch with them, because I do want to build relationships with all of them. I find that student-teacher relationship are very important because it fosters growth in student academics as well as social skills. One sad thing I have learned already is that one of the students, who I have built a connection with, is moving. I am surprised at how attached I am getting to this group of students already.
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It is important to learn new strategies and techniques to meet the needs of the students by differentiating our instruction. As a teacher, you should be evolving and trying to teaching strategies so that way you are current. Sandy would like my teaching to demonstrate the mission and vision statement by being flexible and open minded. She thinks that I need to be willing to go with the flow and be okay with not knowing the answers to everything. She wants me to be willing to utilize the resources and curriculum already emplaced, while embellishing the lesson to differentiate the
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