Students Conduct Should Be Graded In School

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While I am walking to my homeroom class, I see some kids bullying much younger kids, older ones knocking books out of other people’s arms, bigger students flushing the heads of innocent children that are much smaller than them in the bathroom toilets. It is like turmoil out here. This is why I personally think that students’ conduct should be graded because school would become a better place to study in. Students might even enjoy their learning experience! One reason why I think that conduct should be graded is that it would improve our education because when there are no problems in school with any kids, then the students would most probably do much better in school while concentrating more on their work. There would also be no disruption and all the students will make most out of their day. One of my friends, for example, she used to go to a school that was full of kids with problems and…show more content…
If students don’t have to deal with being bullied, then everybody would be happy. For instance, my sister when she was in school, she used to get bullied every single day. They would call her 4-eyes, they would knock her books out of her arms, push her around the hallway, and then she would come home crying because of how they tortured her in school. She then decided to send an anonymous letter to her principal asking him to please start grading students on their conduct. She also thought that she might add to the letter what “some students” were doing to her everyday so she did. The principal took this very strongly and quite personally, so he agreed and he made sure that all students were to be graded on their conduct. Never again did they bother my sister again in school. Mr. Principal, it is very sad to think that there are people in this very school that are treating other kids like they treated my sister. So grading their behavior could change the lives of some students. It definitely did for my
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