Students Dropout Case Study

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Kothari commission (1964-66) says “the destiny of India is being shaped in her class room”, for teachers play a crucial role to mould the students. Due to the low enrolment and high dropout, the quality and the future development become a serious problem confronting the country’s education system. However, the teacher believes they can make difference, change is possible and it is essential to develop an accurate understanding of the factors that influences the dropout of rural students at college level. Christenson & Thurlow (2004) and Dweck (1986) reveal that student dropout is an outcome derived from multiple factors that encompass student, institutional and socioeconomic aspects. Dweck (1986) also found that students perceive dropout as…show more content…
Here, quantum of people are agrarian, illiterate and low socio and economic status. Most of the children are first generation learners at higher education level. However, during the course of study the rural students encounter many problems related to their personal, family, educational, financial, social and environmental issues. Due to these problems the rural learners are forced to dropout from their studies. The aim of the Indian higher education is to increase the gross enrolment ratio and to reduce the dropout level, especially they focus to develop the rural learners. A student drops out of the system of higher education due to external and internal circumstances, for instance with regard to financial difficulties or family related personal problems or, perhaps, due to a favourable business cycle. Education commission (1966) stated that “no investment is likely to yield greater returns than investment in human resources, of which, the most important is…show more content…
The p value 0.321 for the variable gender is not found significant at 0.05 level hence, the null hypothesis is accepted. Therefore, no difference exist between the male and female college teachers in relation to their perception of the dropout of rural learners in Puducherry region. From the above table -1 it is inferred that there is a significant difference in the perception of dropout of the arts and science college teachers in Puducherry region, (p=0.031, t=2.168, df=235) the ‘p’ value 0.031 is less than at 0.05 level. Hence, the alternative hypothesis is accepted. Therefore, there exist a significant difference in the arts and science college teachers in relation to the perception of the factor influencing dropout of rural learners in Puducherry region. Though, science faculty mean score is slightly higher than that of Arts faculty, the deviation is more for science faculty, which might have contributed to the significant ‘p’ value. Hence science teachers out perceive the teachers from faculty of arts of the dropouts among rural

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