Students Pressure To Get Good Grades Essay

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In the academic world, students are pressured to receive good grades but have a higher chance of increasing stress upon themselves. As being a college student, grades are important, but there are other reasons why students are pressured to receive good grades. First, parents play a role in their child education and set high expectations which leads to the student fulfilling those expectations. Secondly, students who choose a major that have higher requirements to meet their degree plan. Last, students who frequently make education as their only priority which leads to giving up their hobbies or socializing with friends and family. Meanwhile, the effects of each reasoning of a student pressured to receive good grades lead to increased stress,…show more content…
Students forget what is important in their life than just homework so often it leads to depression. Sometimes when students are being pressured from other individuals, they sacrifice their own freedom to thinking school is their only priority. As being a Native American, I am more culturally involved in social events of Pow-Wows or Hoop Dancing. I gave up dancing in my life to continue my education. I feel I gave up the passion of dancing because I’m trying to make another person happy rather than myself. While being pressured from my family to continue my education, I forget there is more to life than just school. I spend more time completing my assignments rather than spend time with my family. Having no social interaction with friends and family can lead to being depressed while isolating oneself to homework “As I mentioned, some people’s depression seems to be a direct result of their social struggles. They were fine before but have become sad and hopeless in the face of their isolation, rejection, and loneliness” (Ruiz 2). Being a college student has taken a toll on myself because I do not interact with people anymore. My daily routine consists of homework and trying to get things done throughout the day before having free-time which is rare. More often, I will try to remember to spend time with my family, but think it is not important which important part of my life
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