Students Should Be Paid In High School

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Many parents have always used rewards such as money as a way to incentivize their children to do well in school, but recently some schools have been making programs that pay students standard. Some people think that using cash as motivation for schooling is wrong and would only create more problems; however studies have shown that this is not the case for a vast majority of the situations tested. Students should earn money for exceptional grades because it would improve overall student work ethic/morale, decrease the amount of missing/late assignments, and increase the number of students who do well on standardized tests. Students should be paid for their hard work because it would make the majority of them both happier and more eager to do their assignments. In a recent study conducted by the MDRC, a…show more content…
These results were exactly what they predicted, based off the deplorable but realistic bias that the majority of people tend to feel better about doing things when they get a reward. This quality of work for reward applies to many people, students included. When Stacy Priestly, a teacher and parent, was interviewed about the topic, she agreed with using money as a motivator, stating, "I pay my son for doing well in school … he has become very dedicated and seems to be doing well socially in school too" (Flannery 4). This displays that parents genuinely believe that using a motivator for school can be effective at increasing morale and work ethic in their children as students. Another reason why students should earn money for their achievements is it could cause a possible decline in the amount of missing/late assignments from students that teachers would have to deal
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