Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades?

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Many kids wake up early everyday and go to school, just as adults go to work. Don’t they deserve to be paid, as well? Whether or not we pay students for good grades is an important issue that could have a substantial impact on our future society. If students get paid for good grades, higher graduation rates would be one of the effects. Another is that it prepares students for the real world. A last result is higher test scores. Higher graduation rates, preparing students for the real world, and higher test scores are just a few positive results of paying students for good grades.

First of all, students should be paid for good grades because there will be a rise in test scores. Wallace, from John Hopkins University, agrees. He says that there is a “significant decrease in dropout rates.” This means that if students are offered cash to get good grades, they will attend school more often. The effect of this would be that students will work hard to receive the monetary reward. Consequently, they will stay in school to obtain it. Clearly, paying students for good grades will result
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When considering whether or not kids should be paid for good grades, the choice should definitely be yes, they should. Schools should pay students for good grades seeing that graduation rates increase. In addition, students will be prepared for the real world. Test scores go up, as well. If this is ignored, more and more students will drop out of school, less people will graduate, and test scores will significantly drop. Keep this in mind: paying students for good grades will provide students with a motivation to work hard. They will then learn the value of hard work. This will help shape them into amazing, successful human beings. One of these students could even turn out to be the next Einstein, or Rosa Parks. Remember, the fate of our nation depends on this decision. Make the wrong choice, who knows what catastrophe could
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