Students Should Not Be Graded Essay

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Should students still be graded? Did you know that students have been graded since the nineteenth century? That was 215 years ago from this year, do you think students should still have to go through grading for 215 more years? Grading is getting harder to deal with and it is causing more kids to fail in classes and they are starting to turn into repeaters and they are know as to being held back. Grading doesn 't define you, don’t let a B- hurt you or affect you because everybody get bad grades every once in awhile. You should care because teachers get to grade them and give them the grade they deserve but they never to speak their opinion when it comes to them. Grading isn’t really a part of school, you go to school to learn not to sit there and be judge on how you are doing your work. You should care because it gives students the freedom to do their work and not be judge or graded with the work that they do. You will never know until you have been graded and you get grounded for a bad grade. If students stop getting graded it will help them be more free involving with life. Grades are chains that lock people down. When students get into trouble they are grounded and when parents say that they are…show more content…
The proposed scale is a 100-90 is an a and everything below sixity would be a failing grade(wral). The new system has begun with the freshman in 2015-16 school year. Some school officials say that them exceeding the grade level will help the students with college applications. They said that a student in Atlanta would have a grade of a ninety-one and in all of his classes which is a 4.0GPA. If he went to North Carolina he would have a 3.0GPA. Grading can and will affect your future
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