Students Should Not Have Guns On Campus Essay

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I think that students shouldn 't be able to obtain a license to carry concealed weapons at COC because guns on campus can lead to more violence. I do know that in some cases having a weapon can save lives, yet I feel that violence should not be fought with more violence. For example, what would happen if someone that has a license to carry a gun snaps or gets super mad and decides to take out his/her gun? Most of the time, college students deal with a lot of stress in their lives and our emotions are all over the place. Our emotions can make us do something we shouldn 't. I also think that we shouldn 't have guns on campus because guns can go off by accident or someone who is dangerous could take a gun from someone else and use it to do…show more content…
2. I don 't think that teachers should be armed either. I feel like someone that has a gun should go through an extensive training (that doesn 't just last a couple of days or a background check) and should prove they are capable of handing a gun only when necessary. I lived in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, and I saw how license guns only increased the violence. People used guns to protect their loved ones yet that one person who was harmed also had people that cared about them who wanted revenge. It is a never ending cycle. I feel like the security on campus should be the ones that take care of these situations. Teachers should teach, and maybe learn some defense methods in case there are in a difficult situation someday. 3. I think that campus safety officers should be armed with a gun but should only use it in extreme situations. They are there to protect students just like police men protect citizens so it does make sense for them to be armed. I know that they do have to go through some type of specific training to end up being an officer, therefore they are capable to control and know when to use the weapon. I also think that knowing that someone is out there protecting students and the campus makes students feel safe. We know we are not completely defenseless because they are there ready to jump in if
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