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Study Hall, not a highway were studying is taking place. Adding study hall as an elective at Von would bring more benefits to both students and teachers than loss because there’s a likelihood that grades will go up along with standardized test scores. In the same way, the class is versatile, so students have the option on what they want to do. Not only that, but it creates a safety net for students to complete work. Overall, the advantages of implanting a study hall outweigh the disadvantages of it.
No matter what class you take, there’s always some stress that comes along with it; the solution: Study Hall. At times, classes can become overbearing, especially if it’s an honor or an AP class. Looking at the survey, 80.6% of students take one
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These students easily qualify for study hall because one can assume they have a lot of work due to the rigorous courses they’re taking. In the same way, our survey also shows that 34.7% of students take more than 2 hours to do homework. As a result, s students taking higher level classes needs more time to do homework because they have so much work to do in so little time. The remaining students that don´t have many or any AP, dual credit, or honors classes or grades lower than a B, can still apply for study hall; they would just have to write a 2 page essay as to why they would want that class. This then assures that some these students aren 't just taking the class to slack off, that they actually occur about their education It is necessary to have these requirements so that its not just an easy class to get into for someone who may not really want it; Generally speaking, study hall isn’t just about getting work done its about what you’re willing to put in to get the results you…show more content…
The overall person, who makes this decision is essentially the principal. According to Vons administration, the decision is made on a variety of factors, one being the amount of need because if there 's only two students taking study hall, only one specific teacher is needed. This then brings up a teacher 's’ availability because going back to administration “Teachers must have five periods of instruction”. Moreover, if a teacher needs an extra period to teach, their more likely to teach, study hall than a teacher, who has a strict schedule. However, there 's one main factor that determines the teacher: funding. In this case, administration ‘If there 's no instruction, how are teachers paid?” Even though teachers have general knowledge of subjects, it doesn’t mean theirs experts on it. This leads to the last factor administration looks at: ‘What subject does that teacher currently teach?”. Because they can’t just pick anyone. For these reasons, its isn’t about who will teach, study hall, its about the process of choosing because some teachers are more qualified than
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