Study Hall Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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As a student do you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed by the amount of homework or studying you have to do? This is why I believe that schools should provide an in-school study hall. With this, students will be able to work on their work and study in a good environment. Providing a study hall has numerous advantages; the most evident one being that the students will be able to get their work done in a good environment with help all around from teachers, and it eliminates the excuses of kids not being able to get their work in on time. With a study hall for everyone students can get work done before they have practice and before they even get home, and they can practice time management with how they spend their time when they get home. Student’s grades will improve and the students will have a better understanding of the tasks.
Permitting a study hall will also allow students to practice time management. With the time to get work done at school, there is more time after school for sports, activities, and more importantly; sleep! For athletes and students with extracurricular activities outside of school, they are usually stretching out their time after school with practice, rehearsal, and other things that they are forced to staying up late, and are not getting the amount of sleep needed. It is very common for teenagers to not get
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The policy has produced more honor students, raised the average GPA, and improved teacher morale.” This is an example of how the study hall has ben beneficial in a school. With the effects of study hall in schools, most all are positive responses. Not only are the students achieving more, but the school and teachers are happy and the parents are thrilled by their student’s
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