Simple But Not Easy Essay

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In universities and high schools, students will study for hours only to know none of the material on the test. As a result, student 's blame their failing grades on teachers, their inability to comprehend, or badly written test questions. But, the real problem is that students are studying in a way that is ineffective and inefficient. "Simple but Not Easy" written by Charles Weaver "Ten Rules of Good and Bad Studying" by Barbara Oakley discuss the common mistakes students make when studying and how they can improve upon their studying. The articles "Simple but Not Easy" and "Ten Rules of Good and Bad Studying" are similar in the content and examples they give but contrasting in format. How can one study to make a good grade on exams? That is the question that both articles attempt to answer. Both articles extensively go into details about how and how not to study. The main purpose of the articles is to inform students on superior studying habits so that students perform better on exams and better know the material. An example that the articles both utilize is using flashcards. The articles express how flashcards are a way to test what you know. They go on to say that testing is one of the best ways to assess the…show more content…
Some of the key takeaways from the articles that I am going to apply to my study habits is that I am going to start making a study schedule well in advance of exams in order to allow me to gain a thorough understanding of the subject. I am also planning on utilizing flashcards as well as other methods of testing before exams to assess my understanding. I am going to stop cramming the night before and get a good amount of sleep the night before the exam. Gaining a deep understanding of subjects will allow me to be successful not only inside the classroom but outside in my career as
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