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Ref: EXCUTIVE SUMMARY Consumer is the king of any business activity. It is very important for any marketing person to know how the consumer perceives different things and how he behaves accordingly. So consumer research is impact for the success of any marketing effort. Hence an attempt is made in the present chapter to study the behavior and perception of consumer. First of all perception is the defined as the process of receiving, selecting, organizing, interpreting, checking and reacting to sensory stimuli of the data. Consumer behavior is defined as “behavior that consumer display in searching for purchasing, using evaluating and disposing of product and services that they expect will satisfy their needs and wants”. The…show more content…
Marketers had long pattern identify d that consumer did not act or react as marketing theory would suggest. The size of the consumer market in every country is vast and constantly expanding. Large amount were being spent on goods and services by millions of peoples. Consumer preference were changing and becoming highly diversified. Even in industrial markets, where needs for goods and services were always more homogeneous than in consumer markets, buyers were exhibiting diversified preference and less predictable purchase marketing people began to study the buying behavior of consumer, they soon realized that despite a sometimes “mo too” approach to fact and fashions, many consumer rebelled at using the identical product everyone else used. Instead they preferred differentiated product that they felt reflected their own special new personalities and life styles. so by studying consumer behavior marketing people will be able to needs of different groups of customers more…show more content…
The marketers are finding very difficult to differentiate their products from the competitors. The tastes of the consumers are changing frequently. Therefore, the companies have to always take this into consideration about brand the products in order to create image in the customer mind. So the company has to fulfill the needs and wants of the customers.Brand is the personalities of the product and brand positioning is a key to the success of marketing in any company. Branding not only gives separate identity and easy recognition to the product but also creates special brand preference. Branding is an instrument of demand creation and demand retention. Brand equity refers to the power of brands in the market place. A powerful brand has high brand equity and the customer will stick to the brands. By taking above mentioned factors the researcher has chosen a topic “A Study on Brand Image of HUL Detergents” at Davangere. To study this 50 respondents randomly selected for the survey and collected various information about the topic and also following objectives were framed for further analysis
“A Study on Brand Image of HULDetergents ” at

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