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STUDY SKILLS Study skills or study strategies are approaches applied to learning. They are generally critical to success in school/university, considered essential for acquiring good grades, and useful for learning throughout one’s life.
“You will never know what you can really do until and unless you free yourself from the way you have always done it.”
A person should study and continue studying so that he can learn new-new skills. Some students think that their IQ level is less than the other students. And it’s often taken for granted that academic success is the result of ‘being clever’ and that is something you are blessed with or not at birth. Such thinking creates barriers to success. It leads students to assume, falsely,
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This can be very challenging. It is likely that you will experience many demands on your time from study, jobs, family, social life, sports, music, personal interests, shopping, eating, travelling and other basic daily routines. If you feel that your time is pressurized, or you suspect that you waste time that could be better spent on other things, then it is worth developing your time-awareness and time management skills. The C.R.E.A.M (C-Creative- R- Reflective- E- Effective- A- Attitude & M- Motivation) strategy is a principle or ‘meta - strategy’ which you can apply to any area of life. It is applicable, for example, to graduate jobs: creativity, professional reflection, independence, self-reliance, self-motivation and evidence of personal effectiveness are…show more content…
To achieve good grades in high school a person must be disciplined in their study habits. Once a person reaches high school these habits must be ingrained into the personality of the young person so that they are second nature or it is to late. Study skills help students to face their exams or tests. Some students study at the last moment. Some study daily little. And some over confidence students complete syllabus before the routine
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