Study Unit 1: Reflection On Personal Development

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NAME: T.B Peter Student Number: 25539906 Psych 211 10 February 2015 Study unit 1 Reflect on your own development What do you think played the biggest role in your development? The way I was raised, the environment I grew up in and education. Your environment or your genetic make-up? My environment was great it taught a lot of things. Genetic makeup I look like my mom facially, being talkative and my body too. Are you essentially the same person you were 5 years ago? No. I grew up I’m not shy anymore I’ve learned a lot and I think differently and see things differently now. I’m more matured and it is a great thing. What contributed to this continuity /discontinuity? My development is gradual and smooth as there are many changes taking place like hormonal changes and going through adolescence. Name: T.B Peter Student number: 25539906…show more content…
This parenting style taught me a lot on how to have self-control, cooperating with others, having good standards, knowing more about morals and getting good grades in school and have discipline. NAME: T.B Peter Student Number: 25539906 Psych 211 16 March 2015 Study unit 6 Level of moral development On which level of moral development do you function? Motivate your answer. Level I: Pre conventional level Stage 1: punishment and obedience orientation I behave according to the consequences, I always decide what is right in a situation of whether my actions will be punished or rewarded, I don’t always consider the interest of others. I’m obedient and behave in a good way just to avoid being punished. I am always right. Stage 2: individualism, instrumental purpose and exchange I always follow instructions when I benefit from it. I’m very aware that my interest may not be the same with others that’s way it may result in a conflict. NAME: T.B Peter Student Number: 25539906 Psych 211 23 March 2015 Study unit 7

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