Studying Abroad Is Better Than Studying In Kuwait Essay

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Studying abroad more excellent than studying in Kuwait No one can deny that studying abroad is extraordinarily useful for students. Studying abroad helps students to achieve a higher level of education in plenty of fields that might not be available in their country. It also helps them to learn a plethora of material and gain experience in their life. Further, students who study abroad think the experience is beneficial for their career path and success in the future [e.g., Dwyer, 2008; Orahood, Kruze, & Pearson, 2008]. They also become more responsible. However, there are various student prefer to study in Kuwait by reason of it is their country and they don’t aspire to leave their families and travel to study abroad. Also, employers report that they believe students who study abroad have strong interpersonal skills, a significant qualification for a potential job candidate [Doorbar, 2003]. Therefore, experience, knowledge and responsibility are three logical reasons why studying abroad is higher quality than studying in Kuwait. How student receives experience and knowledge when studying abroad One main reason for this argument is the experience. A student who travels…show more content…
Although studying abroad may be much harder than studying in Kuwait, student will be exposed to various experiences during their studying period. Moreover, parents will also benefit from studying abroad in as much it will be less expensive. However, parents should be careful about their children when they desire to send them to study abroad. Students are enrolling in study abroad program more than ever before as a way to develop their intercultural knowledge and skills. To maximize the benefits to students, study abroad programs should be developed to facilitate the growth of intercultural knowledge and skills. I convinced studying aboard more useful and ameliorate for

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