Stuff We Don T Need Dorothy Komson Analysis

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Author and journalist Dorothy Koomson wrote, “She believed that owning lots of things made you a better person. She didn't know - possibly didn't want to know - that happiness comes from the inside.” This quote by Koomson is accurately representing how some Americans are today. Does living with more things make everyone happier? This question can have many different answers depending on who someone asks. Today, Americans have bigger houses, bigger amount of technology gadgets, more expensive cars, etc. With that being said, this doesn't necessarily mean that they will live a happier life.. To answer the question mentioned above, no, buying and accumulating more belongings does not make Americans happier. This is because of the stress of taking…show more content…
Hill further states, “I had a giant house crammed with stuff — electronics and cars and appliances and gadgets” (Hill 1). Just as the quote reads, the more people have, the more cluttered their house is. By having a cluttered house, the person won't have room for things that are necessary to have. If the person has less possessions, this means they will have plenty room for things they need. The author of “Stuff We Don’t Need: 5 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Lead to Happiness” Leah McClellan wrote,“Tools stuffed a garage and a shed, while the finest wine glasses, china, and gadgets took over the kitchen” (McClellan 1). This is saying how most of the stuff that clutter the room, are things they do not need. By having more property, this is means that the owner would have to buy more shelves, cabinetry, bins, etc which would also take up more space! Equally as important, she noted, “The hot tub was supposed to help with the stress, but it was just more stuff” (McClellan 1). The author is stating her real life experience of when she bought a hot tub. As she said, she didn't need it, it just took up space. That is the second reason why having so many belongings does give people a happy
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