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StuffDOT, Inc., wants to move their service and brand away from their competitor. StuffDOT has made several changes to their organization to make it more user-friendly, but first, we will need to take a look at what they competitions are up to. StuffDOT has a competitor in Pinterest. First let’s talk about what StuffDOT, as an organization is and what organization does. According to Kerin & Hartley (2017), “dots are posts ranging from products to Do-It-Yourself projects, to recipes, too funny videos, and random photos. A dot is something posted to view, to share, or to track for a future purchase. A dot is simply a post of anything you want to display on the StuffDOT site”.
Let’s take a moment and example, a StuffDOT user will Dot something
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If a user likes something on the Pinterest site they can pin it and come back to it later and if they want to look for a recipe or something for inspiration Pinterest allows that. According to Shanna Mallon (2013), “people come to Pinterest for different reasons, and when you understand their motivations, you understand how to connect with them. With that in mind, here are six of the most common reasons people are on Pinterest today: as an internet bookmarker, as a source of inspiration, to promote their own brand, to connect with others, to relax, and because everybody else is using the site”. The most significant difference that StuffDOT has over Pinterest is that the user does not get a commission or a reward for sharing their ideas or a product that they…show more content…
StuffDOT can use their Twitter platform to advertise and reach out to potential new users. StuffDOT can have paid ads that will pop up on Twitter users’ twitter page that will tell them what the organization is all about. The organization can offer their current user(s) incentives that will encourage them to tell their family and friends about StuffDOT, a family/friend marketing program.
As for using Facebook, there are a lot of millennials and baby boomers that use this form of social media for staying connected with family and friends. StuffDOT can use advertising so let Facebook users know that StuffDOT can earn them commission for helping other users make a purchase.
StuffDOT current status of its website is user-friendly and clutter free, but the site needs to be made to stand out and make users excited about signing up. The homepage should explain what the organization is about (without too much information) to pique the interest of the potential

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