Stuffed Panda Research Paper

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For this project I chose a stuffed panda, stuffed bear, pillow, and a blanket. These four items are identical by material-- soft. I’ve chosen these four items because they hold a close meaning to my heart but I do not need nor want them anymore.Two of these objects were made by hand the other two were bought. First, the stuffed panda has two black arms, two black legs, one black ear, the other is read, and two black eyes. It was crocheted by my aunt for valentine 's day I was planning on giving it to a friend but he never took it so I was left with it. This panda was made the way it was because it 's his favorite animal and red is his favorite color. The size of this panda isn’t very small it’s 6 inches possibly more and it’s not that heavy…show more content…
During the process of making the bear it was, from what I know, very complicated and took many hours out of the day. I remember watching my aunt crocheting this panda making it to how it was needed and when she’d mess up she would restart on everything or when she would misscount she would restart on everything as well-- part of me felt bad. The function/form of this bear is very little the arm and legs are stiff so the panda is not able to “sit” down so if you were to try to place it somewhere it would have to lay down. My second object, is a pink stuffed teddy bear my ex-boyfriend gave me for valentines day a few years ago… I think it was for valentines day possibly a random occasion. This pink teddy bear doesn’t really have a special meaning to me but I used to sleep with it so I guess that counts-- I’m pretty sure it was bought from walmart. The material this bear was made out of has to be cotton and silk, possibly, cotton I’m not very sure of what it is made out of exactly. The function of this bear is stiff it’s only made to sit down nothing more there is not much that you can do with it only cuddle and hold it. The size of this teddy bear is about 10 inches long and five inches wide it’s pretty “fat/squishy” as well which I personally think it’s easier to
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