The Influence Of Stuttering

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Describe a cause or concern that spurred you to be engaged in or outside your community. How did you contribute? What did you learn or gain from this experience?
Stuttering is a commonly misunderstood problem in my community. I am speaking about the uncontrollable stutter that occurs often when a person speaks, also known as a speech disfluency. I myself have a stutter and of course I am not the only one in my community with this problem; I knew of few other people that also struggled with a speech impediment. I realized that many people failed to understand the actuality of a stutter and constantly take it as a joke, therefore constantly misunderstanding people who stutter.
To help others understand stuttering, I set out to explain myself
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Then evaluate this events influence on you, your choices or your path from childhood to adulthood. In other words, what did you learn from this experience and how did it influence your actions.
In the summer, when I work with my father, it is very clear that construction is a difficult job. I experienced and was shown just a few glimpse of the hard labor my father had endured the majority of his life. He has incredible work ethic: In the blasting heat or in the freezing cold, my father worked everyday and most times even on holidays. My father was awake and on his way to work before anyone else in the house was awake. From working at a very young age in Mexico to starting a new life in the United States with nothing but his skills, my father, against all odds managed to succeed, to now owning his own construction company and restaurant business. For the time that I experienced working with him, not nearly enough to really understand what he endures everyday, I started to take greater action and input greater effort in everything I do, because I know that if I work with the same drive and determination as my father, I can achieve great
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They discuss many things for example: interesting structure concepts or past jobs and experiences that they've had working in their fields. Since I am going to major in architecture I find it interesting to learn about new information regarding this topic. I constantly ask the questions on their past, current, or even future projects. I enjoy looking at my brothers architectural models and have discussions about them, as my brother asks for advice, my father and I critique his work. We’ve analyzed many of my brother projects and models including a firefighter station, apartment complex, one and two story houses, and even his experimental models where he plays with many structure concepts. I find discussing this topic with my family not only interesting but also beneficial. Because I have always had a passion for art and creating, while also being around architecture and construction my whole life, I grew more and more interested in these
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