Style Analysis Of 'Charlie In The Chocolate Factory'

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Style Analysis Tim Burton’s unique style grabs many movie watchers attention. When he was a child he always enjoyed monsters because he always felt like an outsider. His early inspirations and influences were Vincent Price who played in many horror movies,and the author Roald Dahl. He displays his character and setting in non conventional way giving him a unique style. He gives off this unique unorthodox dark style and theme of everything is not what it seems,or don’t judge a book by it’s cover. He uses lighting and editing techniques in his scenes to give you movies that shed a new light on the way we perceive the characters and scenes. Mr.Burton uses lighting in all of his movies to really show you it’s his movies because the way he uses it adds a spin to how we view it. In Charlie in the Chocolate Factory he portrays Charlie’s house as a dark dilapidated building that looks abandon like no one could live there or something could be lurking there. When he then shows us the inside it is run down and sparsely lit but it has the most loving, wise, and caring characters. Protagonist characters are not usually displayed to be living in such rundown low conditions but Burton uses this to his advantage to depict his message of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. He uses the dark lighting in the house continually and it helps emphasize how poor his family is while showing you with subtle high key lighting around the characters that they are good people. He also uses high key
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