Styles Of Negotiation And Leadership Of Indira Gandhi

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Cultural background and varied styles in negotiation and leadership
- (Taking Indian styles of negotiation and leadership of Indira Gandhi to study) India comprises of Twenty eight states and seven union territories . it is the seventh largest country by area and second largest country by the population. India is the home land of `Indus Valley civilization`(one of the ancient civilizations) and a region of historic trade routes. Four famous religions Hinduism , Buddhism , Jainism and Sikhism originated in India.The invasion of different countries( Dutch , French , British etc.) as well as religions (Christianity , Islam ) and the trade relation between Arabian countries really influenced the culture in India, So we can say that it is the amalgamation of different cultures span accross the Indian subcontinent. It is to notice that, in India customs ,culture and language varies from place to place within the country and most used languages are Hindi and English.The worlds third largest standing Army and 8th military expenditure among nations are ranked to India. India is a Federal Constitutional Republic governed under a parliament system.And it is a pluralistic , multilingual and multi-ethinic society.However India continues face challenges like poverty , corruption , Health care and Terrorism.
While considering Economy , India has a fastest growing economy which place India

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