Stylistic Analysis In Wuthering Heights

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INTRODUCTION The concept of 'style' is meant to refer to various aspects of human activity, i.e., the style of a particular person. Linguistically speaking 'style' is used to refer to a distinctive way of using language. Every writer is known by his\her own way of using language to convey ideas and thoughts. Therefore, the study of how language is served to mark a particular writer's style calls on the study of the nature of stylistics. Thus, an accurate and adequate analysis of the literary language is required for an exhaustive comprehension of the work. Stylistic analysis is employed as an analytical tool to reveal and evaluate textual patterns. Analyzing a given piece of literature is meant to validate how language, syntax and vocabulary are used to bring about interpretation of…show more content…
2- Wuthering Heights is a complicated narrative fiction, and the analysis of its language is part of understanding its ambiguity. 3- Bronte makes use of various lexical, syntactic and artistic categories in her novel which enable her to attain certain aesthetic effects. 1.4 Procedures of the Study The following procedures are adopted in this study: 1- Theoretical considerations of the basic aspects used in the analysis will be presented. 2- A preface to the Victorian literature in general and of the Victorian fiction in particular is given 3- A general introduction to Wuthering Heights; including a summary of the story with an indication of the narrative techniques used in the novel as one of Bronte's stylistic features are also mentioned. 4- The analysis of the stylistic features which are used in Wuthering Heights is presented. 5- The findings of the present study are given and, on the light of these results, some suggestions and recommendations are proposed. 1.5 Limits of the
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