Stylistic Analysis Of Fire And Ice By Robert Frost

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STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF ROBERT FROST’S POEM: “FIRE AND ICE” Arooge Javed Department of English, University of Lahore, Pakistan. Amber Javed Department of English, University of Lahore, Pakistan. ABSTRACT The article is basically a stylistic analysis on the stylistics techniques and methods of Robert Frost’s poem “Fire and Ice”. The present study will throw light on phonological level, semantic level and stylistics devices. This poem is about a question of how the world will come to an end, either by the fire or by the ice. Both forces are very destructive in nature and have equal but opposite characteristics. Key words: Fire, Ice, Phonological level, semantic level, Stylistic devices, Research Questions: How the stylistic analysis will work in “Fire and Ice”? How to analyze the poem at phonological level and semantic level? Objectives: To understand the structure and style of the poem To comprehend the poem on phonological and semantic levels. Introduction: Stylistics is the branch of linguistics which deals with different styles, writings , books at different levels. It is said that style is everything .Style is not only related to the person apparel but also “dress of thoughts” that defines his character. Style is the replica of man’s mind .It tells about his mental aptitude and taste. Widowson (1975, p 3) defines stylistics as “The study of literary discourse from a linguistic orientation”. Stylistics is dependent on
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