Stylistic Analysis Of Robert Frost's Acquainted With The Night

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Abstract: This paper aims at the stylistic analysis of Robert Frost’s poem Acquainted with the Night. It will analyze the poem from four levels of stylistic analysis, i.e. graphology, phonology, grammatical level and lexical level. The theme of the poem and its form has also been discussed in detail.
Keywords: stylistics, syntax, acquaint, graphology, phonology, style
Stylistics is a branch of applied linguistics in which the study of styles and devices in a language takes place which are considered to produce an expressive literary style. There are various levels of stylistics analysis and a text is being analyzed as per these levels, which can be identified as:
• Graphology
• Phonology
• Grammatical level
• Lexical level

Robert Lee Frost (1874-1963), an American poet known for his realistic depiction of rural life. He was awarded with Pulitzer Prize four times for poetry. Acquainted with the Night was published in 1928. In this poem the loneliness has been described by the poet as he walks on the isolated streets at night. Frost usually wrote about the rural life but this is one of the few poems that was set in the city.
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Theme of loneliness: In this poem, poet deliberately chooses to be alone; he even avoids the only human in the poem.
Theme of sadness: The poet walks all alone in the darkness and does not want to meet anyone. He deliberately walks in the rain and does not express his feeling to anyone.
Theme of longing: Although the poet seems to walk lonely in the lane, yet he longs to from someone. This can be noted when he hears a cry and feels even more lonely because the call was not for him
The poem Acquainted with the Night is a sonnet.The poem Acquainted with the Night is a terza rima sonnet.
Graphology: An analogous study of writing system in a
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