Stylistic Analysis Of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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Stylistic analysis refers to the identification of patterns of usage in speech and writing (Jeffries 113). Stylistic analysis in literature is used to comment on the quality and the meaning of a specific text. This essay will conduct a stylistic analysis on Mohsin Hamid’s, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, in an attempt to look at whether or not the text is successful in meaning and quality. The stylist analysis will be carried out by looking at the following aspects; background, social context and ideology of the given text; genre, style, narrative, point of view and metaphors. The Reluctant Fundamentalist will then be critically analysed to determine whether it is meaningful and whether it has quality. The Reluctant Fundamentalist was first published in 2007, in over fifteen countries, and has since been republished several times. The novel focuses on a discussion between two men at a cafe in Lahore, the conversation between a Pakistani man and an American stranger is completely on sided. The Pakistani man named Changez, within his dramatic monologue, explains to this American stranger with no identity, his relationship with an American girl, Erica, and how everything that happened to him in America lead him to abandon the country and move back to Lahore. Throughout the novel only Changez, as the narrator speaks, the American stranger is never given the opportunity to say anything, Changez assumes that he knows what the stranger might say, and therefore deems it unnecessary to
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