Stylistics In Urdu Literature

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In our view Stylistics is hard to define and delimit, but some people enjoy and understand its importance, in fact, that literature (including Urdu literature) would not be complete without stylistics that we cannot ignore it. It had an important role in Urdu literature like emotions, feelings, piety, metaphors, epitome, rhythm, colors, etc. without these things an author can’t write a good literature.
Most of the scholars had done research on Urdu literature like Masood Hussain Khan carried out original research on ‘Urdu 's phonetics and phonemics’, Gopi Chand Narang on ‘Stylistics and Literary Criticism’, Mirza Khalil Ahmad Beg researched on ‘Literary criticism and linguistic implication’, Shamsur Rahman Farooqui on stylistically studied on the poems of Ghalib, Sauda and Meer, Mughani Tabassum on “Phological study of Fani’s pomes”. 2. B. 1: Masood Husain Khan
Masood Husain Khan was a critic, a linguist and author of style. Phonetics is the other forte of Masood Husain 's. He was the first to analyze the words of Urdu from a phonological point of view. During his stay in London, Masood Husain had a chance to benefit from the insights of Professor J. R. Firth who was the first to introduce the concept of 'Prosodic Phonology’. Basing his D.Litt. thesis A phonetic and phonological study of the word in Urdu on Firth 's theory. Said to be a rare feat of descriptive linguistics, it was translated into Urdu and published by Professor Mirza Khalil Beg in 1984.
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