Subang Air Park Airport Case Study

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1.0 HISTORY OF SUBANG SKYPARK AIRPORT On 30 August 1965 the air terminal was authoritatively opened to activity. The airport was located at Subang, Selangor replacing the Sungai Besi Airport. The Subang airport runway was 3780 m and wide of runway dimension is 45 m. In early 1990, the Subang airport had three terminal which were terminal 1 for international, terminal 2 for flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and terminal 3 for domestic. Then on 2009, the terminal 3 was renamed to Subang Skypark. Until now the government still keeps up its arrangement of just permitting general turbo-prop flights out of Subang Airport. Aviation Security was established in 1978 with the approval of the Cabinet to take action after breeding of aircraft accidents in Tanjung Kupang resulting a cabinet minister killed. Figure 1.1 : The Subang Skypark Airport 2.0 CASE STUDY…show more content…
Last part that we found was the LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) range which situated in the center between the McDonald and the nourishment court. The territory was not secured by a security including the CCTV. Figure 3.2 : The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Are 4.0 MAXIMUM SECURITY AREA IN AIRPORT Airplane terminal is a place where its hustles and clamors never stop, individuals continually moving here and there without end. Air terminal is one of the fundamental choices for fear monger particularly to do their psychological oppressor exercises. Psychological oppressor is individuals who do savagery movement that for the most part for political reason. It is one of the spots that effortlessly presented to any dangers, for example, criminal exercises so it makes an airplane terminal ought to have a tight security for high caliber of wellbeing for travelers. Figure 4.1 : The Check In Counter

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