Subaru Impreza Case Study

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2012 | 2012 Subaru Tribeca kw: OEM Subaru parts, Subaru Tribeca links: Brake Pads, Oxygen Sensors, Headlights The 2012 Subaru Tribeca was the last year for the North America market. It came equipped with a boxer engine and came in either a basic level or a Limited level that offered options like leather and a moonroof. Either level made this vehicle the perfect family vehicle for taking the kids to sports practice or school. Genuine OEM Subaru parts are made to fit exactly as the factory intended, so you buy these when you need a new part. Brake Pads – The brake pads drag the wheel to a stop when the calipers clamp them onto the rotor. If there is a metal sound or a squeal, one of these parts might be worn out. We carry brake pads, rotors…show more content…
With a manual mode and paddle shifters, you take control over the feel of your vehicle. In order to keep your performance standards up, you replace your parts with genuine OEM Subaru parts because they are optimized to meet the performance standards set by Subaru. Lighting – All of the lights on your vehicle make you visible when it is dark out. They are there for your safety, so if you have a burned out light, replace it immediately. We have headlights, fog lights and turn signals. Timing Belts – A worn out timing belt can break and cause catastrophic engine damage, so replace the timing belt as recommended by Subaru. We have belts, hoses and filters. Alternators – If the battery cannot hold a charge, it cannot keep all of the electrical components operating. The alternator may be going bad since it is responsible for charging the battery. We have replacement alternators, starters and…show more content…
This station wagon is at home parked in front of a mountain cabin or alongside a horse trailer. When you need a new part for your Outback, you buy genuine OEM Subaru parts because they are manufactured to meet the specifications of the factory and are exact fit replacement parts. Lighting – Without the lights on your vehicle, no one would be able to see you in the dark, and they might not know that you are going to stop. Replace any dimming light as you notice them. Keep spares on hand. We have headlights, taillights and turn signals. Timing Belts – The timing belt needs to be replaced at regular intervals because it can become stretched out of shape, which can make it too loose. That can be bad for your engine since it keeps all of the parts moving. We have belts, hoses and filters. Alternators – A bad alternator may keep your battery from holding a charge, which will cause your engine to lose power. Check your alternator for wear if your battery keeps dying. We carry alternators, starters and other electrical

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