Subcultural Theory In Boyz N The Hood

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individualistic The explanation of how Subcultural Theories explain the habits and behaviors of the characters in the movie Boyz N The Hood will be applied. Subcultural Theories is plural for a reason, the former students of the sociologist Robert Merton who, expanded the anomie theory thus developing the strain theory. In addition to this, the strain theory essentially places culpability on the culturally accepted goal known as the American dream. The American dream places much emphasis on financial gain and success although, the lack of equal opportunities for all causes strain and crime often occurs because of this. In general, subcultural theories consist of several major points on which, emphasis will be placed on the following; Albert…show more content…
The character Dooky, expresses how he often is with women who are addicted to drugs the viewer can see how ignorant he appears to be to understanding how AIDS functions, this also displays short-term hedonism. Tre comes into the party nicely dressed, the implication that he is “selling rocks”, the character Shalika also places emphasis on how Tre has a job and how attractive he is while, holding a beer this party portrays excitement. The adaptation of selling rocks can also be applied to the opportunity structure theory. As Tre heads home from the party he first encounters a young toddler who is in the middle of the street in a diaper, Tre returns her to her mother who in returns asks Tre for drugs and offers him sexual favors in return for drugs. The woman is not thinking about any long term consequences for herself or her child. Tre then, attempts to cross the street and is confronted by Ferris in his red vehicle, the passenger rolls down the window and points a gun at him, Ferris is maintaining his “street credit” and Tre displays smartness by being able to keep quiet and survive. The viewer can also see how Ferris and his group of friends are displaying, toughness, excitement, and
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