Chemically Polluted City Essay

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Sandy and sun-kissed beaches, pristine sea water, and picturesque island sceneries are among the attractions for tourists to wish to set their feet on. But, have you ever wondered that there are surprisingly horrendous cities advocated by subcultures of pollution, gangsters or poverty? These places have been considered as most polluted, horrible, miserable and violence places in the world.
Mogadiscio, Somalia
Mogadiscio or Mogadishu, literally means ‘The Seat of the Shah, is the largest city in Somalia has become the world’s most chaotic city characterizing with rebellion and civil war. Such unrest condition prompts its residents to flee to other safety places. Its roads may be blocked or closed by the military wing without any notice. This
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Massive tons of deadly chemical weapons had been produced for Soviet Union in the secret city of Dzerzhinsk during the periods of Cold War. Accompanying with the fall of Soviet Union, many chemical based factories had been abandoned and over 300,000 tons of chemical waste was not properly disposed and thoroughly cleared. The water is not safe for consumption as the levels of phenol and dioxin are 17 million times above the recommended safer levels. On average, a woman can live to 47 years while a male’s average life expectancy is no more than 42 years…show more content…
The Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986 had documented many radiation-related fatalities leaving obvious nightmares in history. Due to the negative impacts of radiation, about 550 million people were facing with the major threat of thyroid cancer. Following this scary Chernobyl disaster, we witnessed four nuclear reactors exploded in Japan after the attack of Tsunami in March, 2011 causing nuclear radiation leakage which might as well cause a global concern of the radiation-related
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