Subculture Of Violence Theory

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The subculture of violence is one of the theories that people believe is the reason that African Americans are so violent and commit so many crimes. “The subculture of violence theory posited that high rates of violence in inner-city communities existed because residents carried pro-violence values and norms”(Crutchfield). The theory is that because so many blacks live in a community that violence and other crimes are approved by and that's the way of life for them, they don’t know any better and that's what they instinctively do. It can be said that if people lived in a better neighborhood or even one where they didn’t tolerate this kind of behavior than African Americans wouldn’t be in this situation. They also said that because children…show more content…
“The subculture of poverty thesis is that the values of the poor either directly cause crime, because people socialized into particular sets of values, norms, and beliefs engage in crime rather than patiently wait for legitimate opportunities, or indirectly cause crime because their values do not attach sufficient importance to such things as education and hard work”(Crutchfield). This is saying because people are poor and go directly to committing crimes instead of trying to work towards opportunities. They should be trying to do better for themselves and they should be focusing on trying to get a job or trying to get good grades to get into…show more content…
The first thing the author says is that people will discuss a mass incarceration. There is a possibility of this happening because people, white people most likely, will feel safer knowing that these “threats” are put away. The second alternative is that because income inequality is growing, it will cause a bigger distance with society. “If the socially and economically disadvantaged portion of the population grows appreciably, and it likely will, those who live in underclass neighborhoods will experience more marginalization and stress, which will affect crime patterns”(Crutchfield). The last alternative is that nothing will truly change and other others will still make papers that will encourage the subculture of violence and poverty. The author says that arguments about subcultures are pointless because so many other people have discussed this conversation to the ground. “Our disciplines have not yet found the crosses, silver bullets, or stakes to drive into the heart that will finally end the reappearances of the “undead” traditional subculture arguments”(Crutchfield). Crutchfield says this argument will stay relevant until someone one day finds a way to end this whole
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